The Asian Art Performance Festival was recently held online with the participation of 26 artists from different countries. Azam Tabatabai was one of the Iranian artists present at the event, who performed a work entitled "Funeral Ceremony".

In an interview with HonarOnline, Tabatabai said that the performance was based on the theme of the environment, adding that the performance coincided with the closure of the Zayandeh River.

She said: "This year, I saw that this was done at the same time as the spawning of the river fish, and the aquatic creatures in the river perished. My performance was a symbolic work for the burial of fish left on the riverbed.

My work was performed on the body of Zayandehrood and I wrapped the dead fish in a sheet of white mud and placed it next to the water holes. This is reminiscent of their return to the soil and is absorbed in the riverbed and then becoming other creatures. The purpose of this work was to draw attention and emphasize the damage that is done to the environment."

Tabatabai continued: I have studied painting and sculpture, but I choose the media according to my idea because I think not every idea can be implemented with any media because it may be damaged.

The performance was performed live and online, and all participants watched each other perform at a specific time through an app.