One year after the outbreak of the corona virus, resurgence of the disease in Europe has had a negative effect on international auction sales and these events have seen significant drop in sales.Middle Eastern art auctions were not exceptional and the two auctions Bonhams & Christie's that closed on November 24,selling total 4,978,455 ponds, a significant drop from the previous auctions.

On the other hand, considering that in the past, these auctions always accounted for more than 30% of their total Iranian art sales, but in this period total sales of Iranian works in Bonhams and Christie's auctions were only 574,815 which is only 12% of total sales dedicated.

Mean while at the Modern and contemporary art of Bonhams auction held in the spring of 2020,31 Iranian works sold for 8885,465 ponds that closed to half of the sale of auctions dedicated to itself.

Also at the Christie's auctions that held in past November ,29 Iranian works were sold that Iranian art accounting for 1,444,000 pond, meaning more than 45% of total auction's sales.

Bonhams Modern and contemporary auctions 

Bonhams Modern and contemporary auctions was held in November 24,falls of 2020,following the resurgence of corona epidemic in London due to the health protocoles and ended with total sales 2,490,205 ponds. In this auctions 115 works of middle eastern artist was featured That 30% of works did not sell. In this auctions 51 Iranian works was featured of 19 artists that only 35 works sold for 276,065 ponds.

But at the Bonhams auctions, the painting "Homeless" By Egyption artist Mahmoud Saeed was sold at the strange price of 1,222,750 to become the record holder of this auctions.


By Marco Grigorian

In this auctions, Marco Grigorian's painting "Desert No.3", Reza Derakhshani'S "Hunt for colour" Nasser Assar's "Golden dream" and Leily Matin Daftari's painting "Lady reader" were hammered.

From Aredeshir Mohasses presented 14 various works of his painting and caricatures that 11 works of his artist were sold.

But a work by Hossein Zanderoudi  and  a work by Mohammad Ehsaei were the most expensive work of this auction along with other works such as there works byAredeshir Mohasses, two works by Reza Derakhshani,  two works by Sambat Dar-Kyurghian , Parvaneh Etemadi, Abolghasem Saeedi,  Reza Mafi, Massoud Arabshahi, Parviz Kalantari, and  Fereydon Hoveida did not attract buyers either.

The Christie's Middle East Modern and Contemporary Art Auction

The Christie's Middle East Modern and Contemporary Art Auction, which followed online due to corona epidemic from November 11 to 24, closed with a total sale of 2, 2,488,25.In this auctions presented 60 works of middle eastern artists that only 33 of works were sold and nearly half of works were not purchased. A painting By Palestinian artist Samia Halaby was sold at the strange price of 400 thousand pounds to become the record holder of this auctions.

سهراب سپهری

By Sohrab sepehri

17 works by 12 Iranian artists were also peresented at Christie's Modern Middle east auctions 2020,that only 5 works selling for a total of 298,750.

In this auctions Sohrab sepehri's painting entitled" Houses of Kashan", an untitled work by Hossein Zendehroudi, a work by Reza Derakhshani entitled"Hunting the blue rain","painting No.1" by Monir farmanfarmayian and a paintig by Bahman Mohasses were the only Iranian works were sold in this auctions.

But Farhad Moshiri's painting" Once upon a time"which was the most expensive work of this auction with a base price of 220 to 280 thousand pounds, along with other works such as Hossein Zanderoudi and works by Hossein Zandehroudi, Masoud Arabshahi, CIA Armjani, Mohammad Ehsaei, Nasrollah Afjahaei, Farideh Lashaei Bahman Mohasses and Taher Asad Bakhtiari did not attract buyers either,