This year’s symposium, which will run until December 15, has put its focus on contemporary Iranian scientists. 

Sculptures of 21 scientists will be created by 21 sculptors during the event, which is being organized by the Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization and the National Sculpture Symposium of Iranian Luminaires.

The director of the organization, Barzin Zarghami, a number of his colleagues, and the participating sculptors attended the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Zarghami said that he is happy to have been able to hold the third edition of the symposium, however, he regretted the fact that when the busts created in the second edition of the symposium were situated in the courtyard of the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran, some began to complain that the busts are not similar to the luminaires, insulting the sculptors.

“We know when something is created, it could be very good, good or even weak, but some began to give non-professional comments, which were offensive,” he said.

He added, “I ask the sculptors to be in contact with those personalities whose sculptures are being made if they are alive, of course, while observing health protocols, and if not alive, there would be a chance to meet with their families in order to make their sculptures more similar to the individuals.”  

Member of the policymaking council of the symposium, Hossein Ali-Asgari next said that the sculptors were asked to present models of the busts they are going to make in advance to better select and judge the works. 

The symposium aims to bring young and talented sculptors together with the veterans to exchange experiences and views.

Last year, a number of 26 sculptors gathered at the Einoddoleh House, a Qajar building in northeastern Tehran, and worked on busts of 26 well-known cultural personalities.

Graphic designer Qobad Shiva, actors Ali Nasirian, Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, and Davud Rashidi, painters Ali-Akbar Sadeqi and Parviz Kalantari, filmmakers Ali Hatami and Abbas Kiarostami, sculptor Parviz Tanavoli and musician Majid Entezami were among the figures whose busts were made.

Sara Azizi, Fardin Esfandiari, Ata Sahrai, Sara Taqavi, Ali Etebar, Enayat Sahrai, and Yasser Hosseini were among the sculptors participating in the second edition.

The participating sculptors of the third edition have not been announced yet.

 Source: Tehran Times