Works by Iranian artists selected by the Tehran-based gallery Khak and the Leila Heller Gallery in the UAE are on view at the art show, which opened on November 19 and will run for eight days.  

Marcos Grigorian, Reza Derakhshani, and Aref Motazeri are among the artists whose works are on display at the art fair, which is being organized virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

.Established in 2002 and directed by Mandana Farahmand Pooya, Khak Gallery is one of Tehran’s distinguished art galleries. The gallery organizes monthly exhibitions throughout the year in various media. The gallery regularly features works by prominent artists but is also open to exceptional young artists acting as a venue for showcasing emerging talents. Khak Gallery has exhibited the works of six Iranian artists in this period of Abu Dhabi art: Kourosh Shishegaran, Golnaz Fathi, Massoud Akhavan Jam, Mandana Moghadam, Mojtaba Ramzi, and Narges Hashemi

Since its establishment over three decades ago, Leila Heller Gallery has gained worldwide recognition as a pioneer in promoting creative dialogue and exchange between Western artists and Middle Eastern, Central and Southeast Asian artists

In 2010, the gallery moved from the Upper East Side to Chelsea where it has garnered a reputation for identifying and cultivating the careers of artists leaving a lasting impact on contemporary art and culture. In March of 2019, Leila Heller Gallery made its return to the Upper East Side.

Simon Njami, Sung Woo Kim, Nada Raza, Ashwin Thadani, Maya El-Khalil, and Rose Lejeune are the curators of the 12th edition of the Abu Dhabi Art.

n the 12th Abu Dhabi Art, next to the Heller and Khak Gallery, galleries from Palestine, India, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Spain, Senegal, Tunisia, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Lebanon, and Uganda. Are present.