He also held a meeting with Hirbod Hemmat-Azad, the director of the biennial, and Ebadreza Eslami, the director of the center, discussing ways to expand relations with the major Iranian art center and art exhibition.

Relations between Iran and Cyprus date back to over thousand years, Nacouzis said, and expressed his hope that art relations between the two countries would be restored to its previous zenith.

Nacouzis praised Iran’s Ceramic Artists Association and Niavaran Cultural Center for organizing the exhibition as the country is facing many problems due to international sanctions against the country and the coronavirus pandemic.   

“This exhibit represents how much Iranian ceramic art has been developed in its technical and artistic aspects,” Hemmat-Azad said.

“The biennial also shows that we can organize such an exhibition despite the limits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and sanctions, while many developed countries cannot organize their art events under these conditions even by their lowest standards,” he added   

“Under these difficult financial conditions, the Iranian ceramists have created over 90 artworks for this biennial, and officials have supported the exhibition despite their monetary problems,” he noted.

“Despite a decline in all activities, this exhibit also taught us that we can be more flexible and dynamic to continue our path toward development,” Hemmat-Azad stated.       

About 90 artists with 94 artworks are participating in the 11th National Biennial of Contemporary Iranian Ceramic Art, which opened on October 31 and will run until November 27.

The first secretary of the Cultural and Press Section at the Embassy of Italy in Tehran, Yaroslava Romanova, also paid a visit to the showcase last week.

The International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) is the “spiritual sponsor” of the biennial this year.

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the academy was founded in 1952 by Henry J. Reynaud, who chaired the academy until his death in 1964.

The goal of the IAC is to stimulate friendship and communication between professionals in the field of ceramics in all countries.