Sahar Mohammad-Alizadeh, Atefeh Farajollahzadeh, Mitra Asghari, Golnar Qasemi, Maryam Kobari, and Narges Soleimanzadeh were the Iranian artists whose works went on show at the exhibit from October 28 to November 15.

Sahar Mohammad Alizadeh/“Untitled” (2018)

"Nothing is as it looks, our lives are filled with misplacement and emptiness while it looks full of things. Through my art I try to express it via shadows and unidentified human figures", Sahar Mohammad, Alizadeh said.

Sahar Mohammad Alizadeh, a painting artist, was born in 1995 in Tehran, Iran. She holds a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and has pursued an art career since 2017, participated in group exhibitions, and have showcased her artworks in 2 solo exhibitions.

Mitra Asghari/“Untitled” (2019)

Mitra Asghari said that My art is mostly created in a real and surreal style. In my works, I am looking for characteristics and features like love, kindness, hope, freedom, women's values, and beauty. My main subject is love and I think love is about believing in deep, soft, and intense feeling that is in line with peace and humanity.

Mitra Asghar, an Iranian painting artist was born in 1982. She holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Art in Painting. So far, She has participated in several group exhibitions in Iran, UAE, and South Korea.

 Maryam Kobari/ “Untitled” (2018)

"Nature, in the broad sense, involves the universe and the whole material world. Looking at nature and feeling the calmness that lies behind it are the basis of my paintings. The nature that is forming in my mind. The human being as a part of nature finds that portion of his existence by seeking it and finally will be harmonized and coordinate with it. Change as one of the characteristics of nature is an interesting matter. Dealing with this subject may lead us to consider inside of mankind and self-recognition which determines how the behavior and attitude of humankind are, and in some way, self-knowledge.

I use playing with colors, darkness, and brightness, the methods of displaying nature and its changes in an abstract way to picture what I see and feel from nature and the material world", she believes.

Maryam (Sadaf) Kobari was born in 1957 in Iran. She has been a professional architect since 1980. She began painting at a very young age when she was in high school. Her artworks have been showcased in various solo and group exhibitions.

Golnar Ghasimi /“from Inside Invisible series” (2018)

The main subject of my book and artworks series "The Invisible Inside" is Identity. In today's world, people are

alienated from themselves. The "Invisible" means people do not know themselves. People are disconnected from their inner-self and have no idea who they are. The definition of people is about their relationship with the outer world. Their job, their home, their wealth, their social and economical status. None of them really defines who a person is when the person is alienated from him/herself.

Golnar Ghasimi, Sculptor from Iran was born in 1979. Her interest in art was shaped while she was in school and continued after her graduation from Tehran Poly Technic University in Textile engineering. Her works are showcased in Iran and Europe. Along with her art activities, she is a researcher and writer of The Inside Invisible Book and her articles are usually published in Art in the Shadows magazine.

 Narges Soleimanzadeh/“We Are” (2018)

"Focusing on the day by day life events as I really live among them is important, matters to me, and impresses me. I showcase an emotional and mental reaction toward them. In my artworks, events, different incidents, and various positions are combined together and have created a unique unity, without losing their own characteristics.

My painting subjects contain ordinary and routine life elements that are unremarkable so that their entrance to the art world seems unbelievable. My attention is toward things that are there and not things that must be there. Characters and people, animals and sometimes consumer banal objects, look like a kind of quest, searching among objects that are maintaining their personality, while in an artistic unity, inside structure and form, their specific performance appears. In my paintings, all spontaneous and irregular elements are mixed up to form feelings, and sometimes by transforming signs and achieving an emotional and personal form, make vast changes in those signs", she said.

"Using saturated colors carries a modern understanding and it helps to achieve a suspended position in different 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional spaces. My artworks are basically emotional and abstract with a sense of suspension. Colors are often chosen non-hybrid and without color passages and are in harmony for recreating senses and pointing to a world of figures full of false joy. Avoiding the details helps me a lot to express my main issues and at the same time enables me to represent various paradoxes in some parts of my works using a creative focus. Most of my paintings deliberately showcase a satirical and sarcastic reflection" she added.

Narges Soleimanzadeh, an Iranian talented award-winning painting artist was born in 1983. Her works are presented, collected, and sold in the United States, Canada, UAE, Iran, and Europe.

The exhibit entitled “Form 2020” also put on display works by Fabiane Aleixo, Fiorella Angelini, Hugo Nakashima Brown, Krystle Brown, Antonia Giordano, Rachel Henriksen, Jason Hopkins, Holland Houdek, Keojin Jin, Catalin Soreanu, Gilles Tarabiscuite, Coco Vewenda, and several other artists from other countries.

With its beginnings in sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio in 1994, the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art has become a unique cultural space founded and cultivated by artists. 

Czong Ho Kim has designed and built the art complex with a distinctive style, consisting of five buildings in Gimpo.