With the second season of international auctions approaching in 2020, the Bonhams's Auction will sell 115 art pieces by contemporary and modern Middle Eastern artists online.

During this period of the twentieth-century Middle Eastern artists' auction, works by artists from Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco,  Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, etc. will be hammered, and Iran, with 51works by 19 Iranian artists, has accounted for 50% of the total works in this auction.

Among Middle Eastern art celebrities, Mahmoud Saeed's painting with a base price of 350 to 500 thousand pounds is the most expensive work of the auction period,  followed by the painting by Hossein Zenderoudi at a base price of 120 to 180 in second place.

A work by Mohammad Ehsaei with the base price of 40 to 60 thousand pounds is in fifth place.

Ardeshir Mohasses with 14 works and Sumbat Der Kiureghian with 10 works have more works in Bonhams's 2020 auction.


But on of the important the points of Bonhams sale is to pay attention to the “Saqakhaneh” art movement that is the basis of modrn art in Iran.

In this sale two works by Sadegh Tabrizi and Parviz Kalantari entiteled “Saqakhaneh” are presented that shows the sale house’s  attention to this artistic movement in iran.

After 11 years, Sadegh Tabrizi was noticed again in last month and was influenced by “Leyli and Majnoon” and it was sold for 15000 pounds.

Parviz Kalantari who in recent years due to popularity of his works in domestic sales , proof since 2017 in international sales in the middle east in this sale on of the works of saqakhaneh that he was work on it supplied.

حسین زنده رودی

By Hossein Zenderoudi

Bonhams's Auction Iranian Works

Hossein Zenderoudi  is one of the permanent record holder in Middle eastern sales whose painting calligraphy in Bonhams sale for estimated 120,000 to 180,000 pounds will supply.

Mohammad Ehsaei is another artist who has been known as one of the famous figures of Iranian art market and two works by him have been presented in this sales that “Yazdan” panel will be offered at priced 40,000 to 60,000 pounds and the other painting calligraphy will be presented at a price 3 to 5 thousand pounds.

From Reza Derakhshani another Iranian artist three works “ Hunt for colour” estimated 25 to 35 thousand pounds; “Leyli and Majnoon” 15 to 25 thousand pounds and “Gol Aden” 15 to 20 thousand pounds.Marco Grigorian’s painting “desert number 3” with estimated 20 to 30 thousand pounds and the work” Eternal Embarace” by Parvaneh Etemadi will be offered at base price of 20 to 30 thousand pounds at the Bonams Fall 2020 sale.

“Flowers” by Abolghasem Saeedi is estimated 18 to 25 thousand pounds; Leyli Matin Daftari’s painting “Lady Book Reader” will be offered for 15 to 20 thousand pounds and Reza Mafi’s untitled painting will be offered at a base price of 15 to 20 thousand pounds.

From Hossein Kazemi’s one of the modern Iranian artist have been peresented three works in this sale that “Laleh” and “Anar” painting of him (the paintings “Laleh” and “Anar” by this artist) are estimated 10 to 15 thousand pounds each  and his painting “settar nawaz” is presented 2 t 3 thousand pounds.The two works "Tower" and "Motherhood" by Sirak Malekonian will also be hammered with a base price of 10 to 15 thousand pounds and 7 to 10 thousand pounds.

محمد احصایی 1

By Mohammad Ehsaei

A painting by Massoud Arabshahi estimated 8 to 12 thousand pounds; Nasser Assar’s work titled by “Golden Dream” 6 to 10 thousand pounds; three works by Nasser Oveisi entitled “Inanimate Nature” for 6 to 10 thousand pound, ”couple” for 5 to 7 thousand pounds and “ woman with mirror” 2500 to 3500 pounds.Two works by Morteza Sazgar were priced 6 to 10 thousand pounds and 5 to 8 thousand pounds will be hammered.

Parviz Kalantari’s painting “saqakhaneh” with a base price of 4 to  thousands pounds and two painting by Fereydon Hoveida entitled “Calligraphy Ballet” and “My Moves” each with an estimated price of 4 to 6 thousand pounds are other works that will be offered. Sadegh Tabrizi’s “saqakhaneh” is also estimated 2500 to 3500.

From Ardeshir Mohasses has presented 14 various works of paintings and caricatures of this artist that 4 of his paintings with an eatimate 4 to 6 thousand pounds; an estimate 3 to 5 thousand pounds; five works with a base price of 2 to 3 thousand pounds and 4 works with an estimate price with 1000 to 2500.

From Sambat Dar-Kyurghian one of the Armenian artists of Iran and one of the most prominent Iranian watercolor painters, 10 works have been presented in this sale that 5 works are estimate 1200 to 1800; 3 works 800 to 1200 and 2 works will be hammered 800 t 100 thousand pounds.