Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no celebration and Shojaei received his award during a small meeting with a limited number of members of the Iranian Society of Still Photographers at the Iranian House Cinema.

Jury members Ghogha Bayat, Shahbeddin Adel and Reza Mohajer also attended the meeting. 

“Symphony No. 9” is about Rahil whose husband dies in surgery. She wants to bury her husband beside his parents’ graves in a remote village based on his last will and testament, however, her husband’s relatives disagree. In her struggle to execute the will, she meets the Angel of Death and learns she has no more time. However, the angel falls in love with her instead of claiming her life.   

Photographers Habib Majidi and Fattah Zinuri also were honored as runner-up and winner of third prize respectively for “180° Rule” by Farnush Samadi and “Rona, Azim’s Mother” by Afghan brothers Jamshid and Navid Mahmudi.

“180° Rule” features a tragedy that strikes at the heart of a wedding in the mountains overlooking Tehran. In the movie, a teacher from Tehran makes a choice that changes her family’s structure and puts her on a painful path to atonement.

The acclaimed movie “Rona, Azim’s Mother” is about Azim, an Afghan refugee who works as a janitor in Tehran. While helping his mother and his brother’s family plan to smuggle themselves into Germany, he feels betrayed by his brother when he abandons their mother.

Iran’s Still Photographer of the Year is annually honored during the Iranian Society of Still Photographers Celebration. However, the sixth edition of the gala was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Tehran Times