" The title of this fair is Rohingia and contains 28 artworks of Paula Bronstein who took photos of Rohingia muslims in Myanmar and Bangladesg refugee camps from 2012- 2017", Hasan Roshan, manager of Hasht cheshme Art Gallery, said. 

Paula Bronstein won Wordpress award in 2017 a d also was nominated for Politzer prize in 2011. Bronstei who currently works with Getty Images, has spent many years in Afghanistan and covered war and chaos in this country and also written a book " Afghanistan between hope and fear" which was published in 2016.

Winner of contests, including the Pulitzer, Pictures of the Year International, the National Press Photographer’s Association, she has judged for the World Press Photo Award, exhibited extensively, and given interviews herself for the media in the U.S., Australia and across Asia. 

The present fair is the third international and the seventh fair of Hasht cheshmeh. This cultural center started with support of Hosein Farmani, Hasan Roshan Bakht and Hosein Roshan Bakht in 2019.