The exhibition has been organized by the Malek National Library and Museum, one of Iran’s major centers for rare Persian and Arabic manuscripts, to commemorate birthdays of Imam Reza (AS) and his sister Hazrat Masumeh (SA).

The folios, which are preserved at the Malek museum, all feature Fatehah, the opening sura (chapter) of the Holy Quran.

The exhibit entitled “Forty Mirrors” presents the evolution of Quranic calligraphy in addition to the other related arts of illumination and bookbinding. 

Located in the vicinity of Bagh-e Melli, the Malek Museum is affiliated with the Astan-e Qods Razavi Museum and Library in Mashhad.

Hossein Aqa Malek (1873-1973) was the owner of the Malek National Museum. The museum was once Malek’s private mansion. He handed it over to the government to convert it into a museum.

The show will be running until July 2 at the complex located in the Niavaran neighborhood. 

Source: Tehran Times