Vadood, from Tehran, ranked fourth in the category of Arts, Crafts, and Ready-Made Design.

He participated in the competition with a wooden sculpture called, ‘Bird from Paradise,’ which is a figurative artwork design of a peacock.

Speaking to IRNA on Saturday, Vadood said Italy’s art event began a decade ago, with the aim of paving the way for improving the atmosphere of art.

Speaking about the number of people who visited the website of the art festival, the artist said over 2.5 billion users shared their opinions about the artworks online.

Vadood said that the number of people interested in the art festival shows that it is popular like Olympic events.

He added over 100 countries take part in the art event annually.

On Iranian arts, the artist said that cultural teams should be formed to introduce the rich and beautiful arts of the country to the world.

One of the features of this festival is that the works submitted will be judged by 250 judges, and the winners will be announced after about 10 months, he said. Four top works will be introduced separately in all 10 categories.

Source: Iran Daily