She announced the news in her Instagram post carrying an image of the poster on Thursday.

In a report, which was published about the poster by the Piracicaba City Hall, Darabian has said, “I thought of something that would be attractive to children and teenagers.”

She added that she has used many colors in her design to represent the importance of art in the world and the culture and lifestyle of Brazilians.

Darabian’s poster depicts a girl painting the city and its surroundings with colors from her palette and brush.

“She creates a rainbow in the real sky, demonstrating the power of art in the playful world of children,” Darabian stated.

The 18th Piracicaba Humor Hall is organized by the Municipality of Piracicaba every year to encourage children between 7 and 14 to practice art and develop their intelligence through the language of graphic humor.

Iranian cartoonist Alireza Pakdel, who is the spouse of Darabian, is a member of the jury at the 47th International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, which will be held from August 29 to November 1.

The jury also includes Portuguese cartoonist Cristina Sampaio and Brazilian artists Joao Paulo Jindelt, Samuel Andrade, Cleriston Andrade, Marcelo Magon and Manga.

Pakdel and Darabian were the members of the jury for the 46th Piracicaba International Humor Exhibition.

Source: Tehran Times