The exhibition will be organized during autumn, the Persian service of Honaronline announced on Wednesday. 

The 83-year-old Niazi, who follows his own specific technique to create artworks, once said that Western classical music has provided inspiration for his collections created in the forms of painting and collage.

“Classical music gives me many ideas to draw,” Niazi told ISNA in January 2018 during the inauguration of his exhibition at Tehran’s Boom Gallery as a record played a Bach symphony.

“I was a singer and used to perform opera, so music has a great influence over me; when I listen to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, it gives me the forms and I begin to draw,” he said.

“Schubert has also been a source of inspiration for me,” he noted.

Niazi, who has lived for several years in the United States, has said that human beings cannot continue living without creating art.

In his view, everything is art and even a baker who shapes the dough is an artist.

Source: Tehran Times