“Shafei is an artist whose works are mostly liked by the art aficionados,” Arte artistic director Leila Noqli said in a press release published on Tuesday.

“His consistency in combining motifs from traditional Iranian architecture and jewelry with elements in modern art is quite obvious in his works,” she added.

The exhibition showcases a selection of the artworks Shafei has created during his career spanning 35 years.

His paintings feature symbols from Persian miniature paintings, tile works and calligraphy works, and their relationship with today’s world.

“That is how the ancient art of Iran is related to the world of today, like our modern life, which is related to the past,” Shafei said.

Shafei, who began learning paintings from eminent painter Aidin Aghdashlu, said that interested young artists should first study their culture in order to find their way in art.

“They should find their egos first and choose to paint what they have reached themselves, then they can be successful artists,” he noted.

The artist has so far displayed his works in several group exhibits in Spain, England, China, France and Canada.

The exhibition will be running until February 25 at the gallery located at No. 2880, Vali-e Asr Ave near the Zafaranieh neighborhood.

Source: Tehran Times