Interested artists are asked to submit their artworks of digital paintings and new media with the central themes of peace, children, natural sources and the environment to the organization.

The works will be selected from among the submissions by a group of artists composed of sculptor Taha Behbahani, graphic designer Qobad Shiva and cartoonist Kambiz Derambakhsh.

The exhibit tries to create a beautiful dream for the future of the earth and also to create motivation and hope among people in order to think of a beautiful future for the world. 

The showcase also intends to assist visitors in buying high-quality artworks.

The exhibit will open at the Economic Cooperation Organization Cultural Institute in Tehran on February 28.

The top selected works will later go on view in a UNESCO gallery in France.

Amir Roshani and Hoda Yusefi are members of the policymaking council of the exhibit, which will be running until March 5.

Source: Tehran Times