One of the plans has been provided by Hamidreza Azad to organize an installation exhibition, in which a horn-shaped figure produces voices, causing visitors to refer to history in a reflective way.

In another plan, Sanahin Babajanian will create solids representing geometrical motifs from Iranian architecture and paintings of Christian monuments.

In a plan for an installation, Iman Jesmi represents some perfect characters of the sounds being produced by objects and visitors’ reactions to them.

Hufer Haqiqi displays some imaginary landscapes of Tehran in a delicate process in his plan.

In her plan, Ulduz Nabizadeh develops new concepts and functions of ceramics.  

Shana Abdollahian and Ehsan Alizadeh are jointly competing with a single plan.     

Plans by Kolsum Salehi, Aisa Rashid and Samira Rohbani have been selected to compete for the prize.

The winner will be honored with a check worth 300 million rials (about $7,200) during a special ceremony at the gallery on Friday. The organizers also will help the winner accomplish his/her new project in an exhibition at the gallery.

Source: Tehran Times