Etemadi in her new collection of silkscreens has revised the compositions and palette she has used in her earlier works. These artworks, which focus on her favorite topic of still life, have been accumulated by Ali Bakhtiari. 

With a career spanning five decades, Etemadi, 71, is one of the most successful and popular Iranian artists.

Her still lifes, termeh (a type of sumptuous handwoven cloth) and pomegranate designs, her collages and installation art have put her among the prominent figures in Iranian art. 

Etemadi studied art at the University of Tehran and attended many group exhibitions held at the Ghandriz Gallery in Tehran from 1967 to 1977.

Her first serious painting teacher Bahman Mohasses had a great influence on her in her early period of artistic activity.

Although Mohasses introduced her to ancient art, Etemadi was driven away from figurative art toward abstraction for a little while. 

However, she finally chose a middle way and expanded the scope of her experience which marked the second period of her career.

The second period of her artistic life, which took shape in the seventies was a synthesis of constructivism of her first period with a return to figurative art. 

The exhibition will run until January 7 at the gallery located at 5 Salmas Square, off Fatemi St

Source:Tehran Times