The collection includes photos from his series Sacred Places, Still Life and Blue, the gallery has announced.

Kenro Izu was born in Osaka, Japan. Izu moved to New York in 1970 to study photography, and subsequently decided to stay and work there. 

In 1975, after working as an assistant to other photographers, Izu established Kenro Izu Studio in New York City, to specialize in still life photography, both commercial and fine art. 

In 1979, Izu made his first trip to Egypt, which inspired him to begin his series Sacred Places, an exploration that is still in progress.

As Izu continued his series Sacred Places, he traveled to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, England, Scotland, Mexico, France and Easter Island (Chile).

By 1984, his still-life images series, which include floral and anatomical subjects, were flourishing.

In 2000, he started experimenting with a technique of cyan over platinum to achieve a deep blue-black.  The body of work entitled Blue was completed in 2004.

Izu has been the recipient of the New York Foundation for Arts grant in 1985, the Catskill Center for Photography Fellowship in 1992, the Lou Stouman Award in 1999, a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2001, the Vision Award from the Center for Photography at Woodstock in 2005 and a Lucie Award in 2007.

His Tehran exhibit will continue until November 1 at the gallery located at 51 Khosro Alley, Villa St.

Source: Tehran Times