Speaking to Honaronline, gallery director Mahboubeh Kazemi said the show is ongoing until 29 August in collaboration with the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organization.

She said: The whole idea behind the occasion is to promote international art tourism in Iran. Here, people can travel to the country in order to experience our hospitality, and visit, explore and engage in activities related to Iranian art. It also includes traveling to art festivals, concerts, cuisine events, to explore famous museums, cultures and many more.

According to Kazemi, art tourism is a modern phenomenon and could yield huge economic benefits for the country: Art tourism covers a big segment of the industry because around the globe people travel in order to visit, explore and engage in activities related to art festivals, concerts and cultural events, and to explore famous museums and experience local hospitality. All we need to do is build the necessary structure for it. All the necessary ingredients are there.

Elsewhere in her remarks, Kazemi said: We plan to establish art museums in a number of selected villages across the country. The idea is to promote art tourism in rural areas. Village art tourism is a mixture of art and rural tourism. A great portion of Iran’s cultural heritage and handicrafts sector belongs to rural areas. It is about time we paid greater attention to greater investment in this particular sector. We also plan to set up art museums in rural areas in order to create jobs for women.

She further noted: Art tourism can help protect our national cultural heritage. Many other countries have already built such museums within their rural communities. The only difference here is that we want to build up museums that are a mixture of rural and art tourism. This way we can attract artists and at the same time help develop the infrastructure of our villages.

In conclusion, the director of Taraneh Baran Gallery said the draft plan has already been submitted to the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organization for further consideration: The hope is that the Culture Ministry will get on board to help implement it and build art museums in rural areas across the country.

You can visit Taraneh Baran Gallery at Pavilion E232 of the Iran Mall International Tourism Economy and Investment Exhibition in Tehran.