An exhibition of works by the artist who is also known as one of the pioneers of modern graphic art in Iran also opened at the center on the sidelines of the honoring ceremony. The exhibit will run until August 19. 

Aidin Aghdashlu, Ali-Akbar Sadeqi, Reza Bangiz, Qobad Shiva, Hossein Mahjubi, and Majid Baluch were among the guests at the ceremony.

In his brief words, historian Aliqoli Mahmudi-Bakhtiari called Bahrami a great character whose works indicate his high sense of Persian culture due to the beautiful illustration he created for books by Persian poets such as Ferdowsi and Hafez. 

The ceremony went on with short speeches by several of Bahrami’s colleagues and the 92-year-old master received a plaque of honor at the end. 

Bahrami completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran and pursued a special education at the New York Institute of Photography.

In 1946, Bahrami established a studio in Tehran that was later named “Pars Atelier”.

Many masters of graphic designs and visual arts, including Morteza Momayyez, Aidin Aghdashlu, Mohammad Ehsai, Parviz Kalantari, and Ali-Akbar Sadeqi, collaborated with Bahrami at this atelier.

Bahrami is currently authoring a multi-volume book on the history of art in Iran.

Source: Tehran Times