The exhibition “Untitled” features 19 artworks that belong to art collector Moein Nowtash. Some paintings are signed and some are without signature.

‘’The event is about Iran’s unknown art history,” curator and gallery director Mona Khosh-Eqbal said.

According to Khosh-Eqbal, one of the paintings, signed by Bibi Gowhar Bakhtiyar in 1925, has a style similar to the works of masters of cubism, namely Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and George Braque (1882-1963).

‘’The collection displays various styles from abstract to surreal and Saqqakhaneh school of art. Most of the paintings represent a first-degree art creation but the artists are unknown to the art world,” says Nowtash, who inherited some of the paintings from his father and grandfather.

CAMA is an international institute founded after an increase in global demand for Iranian artistic productions. Last year it opened a branch in London. The show will run until August 13. The venue is located at Unit 2, No. 44, 10th Golestan St., Pasdaran St.

Source: Financial Tribune