Asal Bassir is showcasing the collection composed of 10 artworks in an exhibition that opened at Tehran’s Idea Gallery on Friday.

“I have made use of recycled materials along with tree branches in my works to warn of the growth of consumerism in today’s industrialized society and emphasize the need to respect nature,” she said in a press release published on Saturday.

“I try to be well aware of the environment since I consider myself a citizen of mother earth. As a student of art, I have made my best efforts to raise my objections to the destruction of nature,” she said.

“While we are well aware of the role of people in endangering the environment and destroying nature, we should not be ignorant of their role in reviving nature and reducing damages,” she added.

By this exhibition, Bassir also said, “I do not mean to give hope to the visitors but make them aware of the surroundings.”

The exhibit will be running until Wednesday at the gallery located at No 26, 18th St., Sanai St., Karim Khan Ave.

Source: Tehran Times