Titled “White Circle,” the event features paintings and installations of Los Angeles based painter Shirin Bolourchi, photographer Alex Kay, painter Zachary Roach and visual artist Farid Jafari-Samarqandi. It is  to run until June 13, Mehr News Agency reported on its Persian website.

Born in Russia, Alex Key, 35, is a graduate of OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. He has held many solo and group exhibitions including joint collaboration with Shirin Bolourchi, an Iranian painter and curator who has held many conceptual solo and group exhibitions at the State of California.

She has worked with Alex Kay in Meshki Collective Exhibition in 2016. Through research, video, sculpture, photography, wall painting, and various objects they create environments that submerge viewers in a flood of experience and promote critical thinking. Their works talk through the paradox of migration, identity, philosophy and politics.

Zachary Roach is also a Los Angeles based painter and art collaborator with Bolourchi who will display his works at the exhibition. Farid Jafari-Samarqandi, 37, is a painter, sculptor and experimental artist who has held painting and installation exhibitions in Tehran, Istanbul, Berlin and New York.  Azad Art Gallery is located at No. 5, Salmas Sq., Golha Sq., Fatemi.

Source: Financial Tribune