The collection, which is composed of 63 tableaus by various artists, has been loaned by the Malek National Library and Museum Institution for the showcase named “Simorgh”, the institute announced on Saturday. 

The exhibit takes its name from the mystical bird in Iranian literature and art.

Birds enjoy prominent status in Iranian art and literature. Persian mystic and poet Attar has made numerous allusions to Simorgh (Phoenix) in his masterpiece Manteq al-Teyr (The Conference of the Birds).

The exhibition also is showcasing copies of Persian manuscripts, rare copies of the Holy Quran and pencil cases, which have been decorated with bird motifs.

The exhibit will be running until June 20 at the garden located on Hesabi St., in the Tajrish neighborhood.

Located in the vicinity of Bagh-e Melli, the Malek Museum is affiliated with the Astan-e Qods Razavi Museum and Library in Mashhad.

Source: Tehran Times