The artist’s observation of the surrounding world is reflected in her works she calls ‘This Regained Life,’ according to 

Her brother Javad Mojabi, who is an acclaimed poet, writer, literary and art critic, has written a note for the exhibit: “The exhibit is the fruit of seven years of continuous works by Bahar in painting and sculpture. The first series of the works are on the subject of still life representing Iranian lifestyle.”

He says, “Next comes the ‘Hands’ collection in which the artist has focused on the hands and fingers of contemporary artists.” With this series of paintings, she has strived to show the creative efforts made by a number of artists including musicians, such as tar virtuoso and master of Iranian traditional music Jalil Shahnaz, 92, and composer and conductor Loris Tjeknavorian, 80; literati such as writer and novelist Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, 77; and painters including Hossein Mojabi” the late brother of Javad and Bahar.

Source: Financial Tribune