The group is led by miniaturist Mehran Lotf-Ali, 51, a recipient of the certificate of first degree art from the Culture Ministry. The upcoming exhibit ‘Colorful Gate’ will open Thursday and run through February 2.

Visual artists in the group include instructors and students in various fields of painting. The name of the group derives from Mani (216-274 AD), founder of Manicheism, a system of thought which was once widespread but is now extinct. Mani created a volume of drawings and paintings to make his cosmological views clear. He was of Iranian origin.

For Mani, the art was no end in itself. It was meant to elucidate and embellish his message. But it seems not to be the case with the group of painters who named themselves after him. Each member of the group creates two sorts of painting: one to their own liking and the other to make money.

There will be 25 paintings on display at Colorful Gate created with watercolor, gouache, oil and acrylic on cardboard, paper and canvas. Azadi Tower is located at the western end of Azadi Street.

Source: Financial Tribune