On display will be over 200 artworks Sadeghi created over the course of his artistic career, highlighting his expansive practice across diverse fields of art, including sculpture, drawing, painting, illustration and film.

A noted painter, book illustrator, animator, and sculptor, Sadeqi has been active for over 60 years. Sadeghi draws on the rich traditions of Persian art in his evocative paintings, but adds to them a surreal edge. The characters and objects in his works are derived from various sources in historical Persian literature.

The spectacular style and flamboyant use of color in paintings and sculptures of Ali Akbar Sadeghi behold the richness of iconography in Qajar Era paintings, particularly a school of painting that has become known as the Qahveh Khaneh (coffee house) paintings.

The meticulous detailing, intricate scenes and the subject matter, often heroes in full armor, follow the traditions of miniature painting.

He has made seven films by using his own style in painting and won many awards at international film festivals.

Born in Tehran, Sadeghi, 81, is an art graduate from the University of Tehran.

He is recognized as an outstanding cultural figure and contributor to Iranian art and culture by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Source: Financial Tribune