“Esfarjani was one of the most outstanding artists who lived over the past few decades,” UT Deputy Director FOR Cultural Affairs Majid Sarsangi said during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Before his death, Esfarjani donated the collection to the University of Tehran, which sent it to a storehouse at the Negarestan Garden Museum of the University of Tehran.

Negarestan loaned the collection for the show at the new exhibition space titled Daneshju Gallery.

Sarsangi also announced his plan to dedicate a permanent exhibition to the collection in the near future.

“The decision to donate the 20 miniatures to the University of Tehran was a good job because father cared about the youth and the development of knowledge and cultural issues in the country,” Esfarjani’s daughter, Shahrzad said that the ceremony.  

The exhibition will run for ten days at the gallery located at the Social and Cultural Student Center on 16 Azar Street. 

Source: Tehran Times