A book containing pictures of over 1000 works by the U.S.-based artist is scheduled to be unveiled during the opening ceremony of the exhibit that is organized in collaboration with Tehran’s Art Center, the TMCA announced on Thursday.       

Works by Ovissi, 83, have so far been displayed in over 60 exhibitions in his homeland and other countries. 

In 1977, Ovissi and celebrated Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali held a joint exhibition in Madrid.

A number of Ovissi’s works are on display at museums in Iran and Italy, France, England, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, India, Sweden, Canada, Spain and the United States. 

He is also the author of over 15 books written in Persian, English, Italian and Spanish. 

Ovissi has been listed in the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, an extensive French publication of bibliographical information on painters, sculptors, designers and engravers created primarily for art museums, auction houses, historians and dealers.

Source: Tehran Times