According to the public relations report of the project, the show "The Rectangle" work by "Recangle" art group written, designed and directed by Sahra Ramazanian and produced by Ilya Shams was staged in the 20th edition of Highfest festival on October 4

Therefore, according to the report, the above-mentioned performance attended the first international appearance in Armenia after completing its training and preparation stages.

Other factors of this show include the presence of actor Iman Esfahani, Amir Bahadur Orei, Nazanin Tafzali, Kimia Nahrin and Amir Mahmoud Nurai as sound and video actors, Poya Haghighi editing, sound and video, costume designer Akram Nasiri, photographer Hossein Hajibabaei, translator Amir Jafari. Cited.

The show "The Rectangle" is going to be performed in Iran soon.