The call for the 18th International Resistance Theater Festival was published in the following fields: Stage, street and environmental shows, playwriting, radio theater, tele-theater and theater of nations.

Two new sections have been added to the festival: the Theater of Nations with a focus on Islamic countries and the massive Arbaeen March and the Tele-Theater.

 And all sections of the festival are based on the production of new works. During this period, the playwriting section welcomes writers from other nations. Other sections of the festival include stage, street and environmental plays, radio theater and playwriting.

Looking at the efforts, approaches and experiences of previous edition, the 18th International Resistance Theater Festival is trying to take a new step in a thoughtful process by focusing on production with learning and two-way communication between artists and people across Iran and Islamic countries.

For more information and to read the call, you can visit the official website of  festival

The 18th International Festival of Resistance Theater will be organized by the Revolutionary Theater and Holy Defense and the Ravayat-e Fath Cultural Foundation and It will be held from September to December 2022 with Seyed Vahid Fakhr- Mousavi as secretary.