Spring smells hopefulness, the smell of re-freshness, passion, fly…. Spring talks with us, tells us to forget, resume again, make, change into, forgive, be kind and love, these are the prominent key words which make the ultimate target of our performing arts.

 The coincidence of theater with spring in its national and universal day in the early days of nature resurrection, invites human to think about life and its deep meaning and for us who refresh our body and soul on Nowruz feast what happens that repeatedly and frequently happens in theater which invites us to self –discovery, re-birth and re –think.

Theater is the permanent possibility of elevating human soul in the era that inevitable necessities have paled the meaning of life because of utilitarianism and selfishness.

Dramatic fights on the stage, along with stimulating the feelings and wisdom of audience, are the herald of peace and life, and the theater actors are the provider of sophisticated human’s concepts within the beautiful structure of performance.

Our era is the moment of scarifying the Time, the seconds and minutes which are scarified in our sense of proudness and power without being aware that a perfect life is created within the time.in our absence of haste in time the value of silence is even forgotten. The same as the value of silence in theater, the value of silence in studying books and the value of silence in the period of peoples’ anger. Sometimes silence is the origin of thinking and sometimes an opportunity for looking at the universe which is lost in hustles and bustles.

Virtual reality world has taken us to coma and we have drowned in the negative waves and vortex of such world. Ignoring our presence in the real world, we are floating in the virtual world and do not talk with anyone.

Theater talks and makes us talk as well. It teaches conversation and invites us to communicate and in the era which the threat of getting stranger with each other has surrounded us; theater opens a way to find our missed life and to get acquaintance with each other again. We used to be wise and concern about each other. We shared whatever we had and we made sympathy with others. We shared happiness like our daily income with each other and looking carefully, it is seen that we are far from each other more than the past.

However spring advises us to forget and according to Molana (Iranian poet): As the universe gets fresh, you get fresh too. Theater says: open your heart, resume and think to make your life again.

My dear theater colleagues and partners, the culture of our dear country, Iran, is full of tips and secrets. Customs and rituals, beliefs and mini- theaters, our cultural heritage is countless. Just we need to stop, care and revive it.

The recent era is the time nostalgia, and who can narrate and re-tell the losses of Iranians better than theater artists like us. Only we need to find the common language and as Peter Celers mentioned in the message of universal day of theater: We must get together, share the space with each other and develop new spaces and possibilities. We need conserved spaces through listening deeply and equally.

The national theater of a country cannot prosper and develop without the support of active theater currents and groups, especially children and young adults’ theater.

Iranians always talk about peace and friendship, they never begin any crises, and they got stronger among the sanctions. We are the example of the famous poem: Humans are the members of the solid body…

I am hopeful,

 Just this,

We can do a miracle, theater operates the soul of human, and we are here not to let human’s values decrease. More than 13000 dramatic artists are active and ready to work in all our country. Let’s consider the national day of dramatic arts as the starting line for recovering ourselves and the society

Happy National Day of Dramatic Arts to you All…