It will be the third time that khatibi will restage these shows. The two plays, which are the result of four years of training and rehearsal by Ashkan Khatibi with a group of artists and theater students , are scheduled to be restaged again at the  Malek Theater Hall.

"Dear Doctor" is based on the play by Neil Simon and translated by Shahram Zargar, which was very well received by the audience in its past performances. "Chekhov Reading under the Representation of the Russian Federation" is based on Michael Frayn’s plays  which is  adopted by Ashkan Khatibi and Omid Sohrabi and translated by Shahram Zargar.

The Theater Critics Association also praised "Ashkan Khatibi" at its 18th annual award ceremony  for teaching principles to teenagers and young people interested in the performing arts.

Source: Iran Theater