The play "The Moon rides the Old Horse" written by Ayub Agakhani and the work of Mohammad Abdolhadi, played by Agakhani, has been on stage since January 13 in Hall No. 1 of the Mehregan Theater.

In an interview with HonarOnline, Abdul Hadi said about the charms of choosing the play "The Moon on the Old Horse" to be performed " Since I have produced many short films and documentaries so far, in 1399 I was looking for a play with special visual features and capabilities. During my conversation with Ayub Aga Khani, I shared my plan with him, and he offered me the play "The Moon rides the Old Horse", which was written a few years ago".

The filmmaker reminded about the subject of the play "What happens in this play may be a tangible story for many people migrating to other countries."


 He spoke about the style and performance space of the show"I think the play is a combination of several melodrama styles, romantic and tragic. Due to the visual features in the text, there is the ability to visualize parts of the show. Hence, the audience, while watching a show, sees events on the video projector screen through flashbacks and flash forwards. This is the feature of this show that almost distinguishes it from other shows."

The play will be running until 28January.