Quoting the festival’s press office, the selection committee of the street performance section of the 40th Fajr International Theater Festival announced the works in the two competitive and non-competitive sections of the festival.

The selection committee consists of Majid Amrayi, playwright and theater director, Negar Naderi, playwright and theater director, Milad Molavi, theater director and actor, Mohammad Hadi Ataei, writer, director and actor, Dariush Nasiri, writer, researcher, director and actor, Ali Mohammad Radmanesh And radio and theater actor Mehdi Habibi, writer, director and theater actor, selected 20 works in the competitive section and 8 works in the non-competitive section of the festival.

Street shows in Competitive section In alphabetical order, the following are:

1. The last one written and directed by Somayeh Mehri from Tehran

۲. Chaos written and directed by Saeed Badini from Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan

3. Alten I, written and directed by Mahmoud Farzinejad from Gilan Siahkal

4. Not worth writing by Mohammad Reza Jafari ‌ Elephant and directed by Milad Hossein‌zadeh from Gilan Astaneh Ashrafieh

5. Phone booth written and directed by Afshin Khedri from Sanandaj Kurdistan

6. Beyz Och Nafar written and directed by Mohammad Yousefizadeh from East Azerbaijan Marand

7. 25 meters Arezoo written and directed by Seyed Pouya Emami from Isfahan

8. Pinocchio written and directed by Saeed Khairollahi from Ilam Dehloran

9. pov written by Homa Parsai and directed by Ahmad Samimi from Tehran

10. My Trap, written and directed by Hayam Ahmadi from Isfahan, Shahinshahr

۱۱. Wednesday Khatoon written by Negar Naderi and directed by Arezoo Alipour from Gilan Lahijan

12- The Hungry Carriage, written and directed by Mokhtar Mohammadi from Marivan Kurdistan

13. The long intestine of an unaccompanied dead written and directed by Hadi Kiani from Isfahan Khomeini Shahr

14. Parrot and Merchant written and directed by Haidar Rezaei from Ilam Dehloran

15. The Story of Shoes written by Hesamuddin Iranmanesh and directed by Ruhollah Aris from Kerman

16. Shamrooni Green Tail written and directed by Maral Izadbakhsh from Bushehr

17. The chicken is not a goose neighbor written by Mostafa Kolivandi and directed by Saeedeh Abdollahi and Mostafa Kolivandi from Ilam

18. Heloneh written by Milad Hosseinzadeh and directed by Mohammad Reza Jafari Lafoot from Gilan Astaneh Ashrafieh

19. A beautiful city written by Morteza Asadi, Maram and directed by Bahareh Saeedi, sheltered from Kermanshah

20. One more chromosome written by Saman Shakiba and Jalal Hassanvand and directed by Jalal Hassanvand from Tehran

The door Non-competitive part These works were also selected in alphabetical order:

1. Following the Sun, written by Jalal Hassanvand and directed by Hossein Naderi from Tehran

۲. Jaliki for Mamadarya written by Hassan Ahmadi-Nasab and directed by Hassan Sobhani from Minab

3. Our backyard written and directed by Vahid Khosravi from Tehran

4. Golden House written by Parviz Jalilnejad and directed by Sorena Irani and Reza Vafania by Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Bahmaei

5. Cold Times written by Amir Zarezadeh and directed by Samira Soleimani from Saqez Kurdistan

6. My Land is written and directed by Behnaz Zahmatkesh from Yazd

7. Karbala Ab written by Ali Bid Oveisi and directed by Ali Bid Oveisi and Solmaz Mohammadi Azgilan, Lahijan

8. The Last Defender, written by Mohammad Ghasemi and directed by Ahmad Jafari from Tehran