The 20th Traditional & Ritual Theater Festival performing arts, which started on December 5th with the 8th International Seminar, ended this evening, Sunday, December 12th, with a closing ceremony at Vahdat Hall.

Davood Fathali Beigi as the first speaker said: a total of 96 works out of 285 works received by the secretariat were present in this festival.

While thanking the artists, all the institutions and organizations that collaborated with this period of the festival, made two requests: On behalf of the artists of ritual and traditional plays, I have two requests from the esteemed official of the Ministry; First, strengthening the Center for Ritual and Traditional Plays by creating the grounds for the formation and operation of the National Foundation for Ritual and Traditional Plays for the purpose of education, research and creation, and then creating a supportive environment for public performances of the 20th Festival of Ritual and Traditional Plays in the halls of the Ministry of Culture. Islamic guidance.

Then, a documentary clip from the 20th Festival of Ritual and Traditional Plays was broadcast and then a music quote was performed by Hossein Valinejad. Ailan group led by Tohid Masoumi also showed formal movements.

Mohammad- Mehdi Esmaili, another speaker at the ceremony, said that "the cultural life of a society depends on the existence of active and creative artists, and if in our country with its cultural history of several thousand years, the spirit of joy and pride can be seen, it is because of great artists in the field. They create different patterns. The theater family is one of our noble and prolific Iranian families and we are proud of these loved ones".

 He continued "We have a clear plan for the development and promotion of the theater and the original theatrical mirrors of the country in the new term of the Deputy Minister of Arts by Mahmoud Salari, to provide this prosperous cultural and artistic atmosphere in all regions of the country."

"We in the government have a duty to facilitate a lively atmosphere for our beloved artists in various fields, including theater, and we will do this with pride.I ask the people of culture and art, especially the theater, to generalize their relationship with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance so that we can solve the problems as much as we can", he added.

The jury consisting of Rahmat Amini, Mohammad Hossein Nasserbakht and Reza Kouchakzadeh, after many reviews and without prioritization, while presenting a statement, considered the following works to be of better quality compared to the other works of the participants. Submitted:

Shapoor Turkmani-Sarabi from Mashhad for the play "Jake and Buk", Shahram Ahmadzadeh from Tehran for the play "In the mourning of the night of Shahrzad the storyteller", Nima Jahanpour from Rasht for the play "The narration that he was patient when he saw the wisdom of God and the king's raft".

The jury also presented a plaque of appreciation and a cash prize for the following plays without priority:

Mohammad Fakhraei Motlagh from Bandar Deir for the play "War Letter to the Famine", Ali Azizi from Semnan for the play "Fereydoun's Test Simulation Assembly", Mehdi Daryaee from Arak for the play "The Closer Assembly of Khaqan", and Mohsen Soleimani from Tehran for the play "Weekly Reading".

Mohammad Hossein Naserbakht, Atabak Naderi, Mehdi Abdali, Hojjatoleslam and Muslims Mohammad Mehdi Behdarvand, Ismail Khalaj, Kourosh Zarei, Maryam Motaref, Hengameh Mofid, Hamid Nili, etc. were among the directors and artists who attended the ceremony.