The 39th edition has no international section because of coronavirus restrictions.

A total of 28 plays were selected for the national competition section of the 39th edition of the festival.

Salehi added that the creative rise of Iranian artists, as guardians of the vitality of the people of this land, has always been a harbinger of the cultural survival of the society and no obstacle has stopped the social life of this country.

This event is an opportunity to honor the faith and the future that all members of Iranian and Islamic society will make together, the minister added.

“Perhaps during the very first months of the pandemic canceling events that had less of a historical record was much easier, but canceling the Fadjr Theater Festival, which is almost as old as the Islamic Revolution, would be a great interruption causing theatrical figures to lose their connections with theater,” Salehi said during a meeting with the organizers on Thursday.

“The energy and passion and dynamism in Iranian society indicate that art will not be shut down.”

Several halls including Vahdat, Molavi, Iranshahr, and Hafez as well as the City Theater Complex will be hosting the plays during the festival, which will be running until February 9.