“Coronavirus has transported the world into shutdown, and we have no solution except to lead the world toward the life path,” Kushk-Jalali told the Persian service of ISNA on Sunday.

“This tiny virus also rules Germany ruthlessly but the stage artists in the country are resisting against the disease with the help of their government so as not to abandon the stage of theater and life,” he added.

Members of his troupe are rehearsing for the play online in Iran and Germany, and the play will be performed in German.

The pandemic has failed to stop Kushk-Jalali as he has held online workshops on writing, directing and acting for his pupils from across the world.

“Barefoot, Naked, Heart in His Hand”, which is a dark comedy on racial violence, narrates the story of a Turkish Muslim migrant living in Germany who loses his family and house in a fire rooted in a racist attack.

Written in the German language in 1993, the play has previously been performed over 650 times in different countries, including Iran, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine and Russia.

Michael Morgenstern is the sole actor of the monolog and only 20 people are allowed to attend each performance based on the protocol for the pandemic era.   

The Horizont Theater in Cologne will host the performance on November 4, 13, 18, 19 and December 8.

“During the pandemic in Germany, no troupe can perform a play without support from governmental organizations. However, even with all this support the artists in the country are under pressure,” Kushk-Jalali said.

A Persian version of “Barefoot, Naked, Heart in His Hand” has recently been published by Mehr Noruz Publications in Tehran.   

Source:Tehran Times