“Producing teleplays in these hard coronavirus days can be a good replacement, because it helps involve the theatrical figures in an activity that keeps their spirits high, while it can also help them financially,” he said. 

“Besides its financial support, it will also help promote culture among the viewers and can act as an alternative until the pandemic ends,” he added.

He added, “It also helps keep artists busy, something which will avoid any mental problems for them. Any individual will feel depressed after a time of being idle.”

He also said that teleplays can be very attractive when they are alongside the stage plays, adding, “But when there are no stage plays, the teleplays can help for several months until conditions return to as they were in past times.”

Dejakam also noted that the plays can be successful only if the unofficial language would be chosen for the project. “Many television programs are official, and if the plays follow the same rule, they will not succeed.”

Stage director Hadi Marzban earlier said that teleplays are viable alternatives to stage performances during the coronavirus pandemic.

Marzban said that in a meeting with Qader Ashena, the director of Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center, he told him television has forgotten teleplays but if it decides to show more interest in them, several teleplays can be aired every week.

“I know this will not be the theater we like and expect, and the attendance of the theatergoers is very important for us. However, we need to understand the situation: now that the coronavirus is fighting with us we need to fight back in this way,” Marzban said.

He noted that if television cooperates and dedicates a budget in collaboration with the dramatic center, more teleplays will be produced every week so that people will not forget theaters.

Source:Tehran Times