Pouya Pirhosseinloo is the writer of the play, which features 30 characters, 24 out of which are selected from the audiences who choose their own roles in the performance when they are buying tickets. Due to their roles in the play, they are given passports, which carry their new identities. The passports also provide a description of the characters, their background, and those people with whom the passport holders will connect during the performance.

Due to a variety of dialogues and reactions between the characters, the story of the play may have over 15 endings.

Those audience members who do not want to play a role in the play can apply for asylum. They are granted a temporary paper to sit in different places in the theater to watch the performance.    

Sima Sheibani is director of the play and Yahya Golnesai, Mahdokht Molai, Nafiseh Zare, Keyvan Saketof, Davud Pejmanfar and Masumeh Beigi are main members of the cast.

Earlier in July 2016, Sheibani staged the play for eight nights at the Qashqai Hall of Tehran’s City Theater Complex.

Source: Tehran Times