Written in 1950, the absurdist play centers on the Smiths, a couple from London, and another couple, the Martins, who come over for a visit.

The two families chatter in meaningless banter, tell stories and relate nonsensical truisms and poems. They are joined later by the Smiths’ maid, Mary, and the local fire chief, who is also Mary’s lover.

When the Martins and the Smiths are alone, they begin to argue without resolution or sense. The play ends with the Martins reciting the same lines spoken by the Smiths at the opening.

Golnaz Gorjipur, Pegah Nurbakhsh, Abbas Nurmohammadi, Atusa Zarinpur and Erik Qarasemian are the main members of the cast for the play, which will remain on stage until January 19.

Source: Tehran Times