Abbas Abdolahzadeh directed the troupe in two performances organized at the Athens University Museum on September 24 and 25.

The story of the play comes from Iran’s ancient history. Crafty Mordecai seeks power and wants to glorify his tribe in the Achaemenid Empire, so he approaches the king of Persia, Xerxes. With the help of his niece, Mordecai tries to persuade the king to fight all the tribes of his kingdom and he raises conspiracies around him. In the end, he achieves his goal, however, he is soon killed and his niece Esther becomes the queen of Persia.

Bahareh Qasempur, Shahabeddin Bahrami, Bahareh Arjmand, Kamyar Mohebbi, Puria Saqafi, Zohreh Mardani, Ahmadreza Paydar, Fatemeh Gusheh, Shadi Amiri and Shaqayeq Lotfalikhan Mohajer were the members of the cast.

Iran, Brazil, Switzerland and Indonesia were the guests of honor during this edition of the International Analogio Festival.

Source: Tehran Times