Written in 2016, the play centers on the experiences of high school girls who make up the Wolves, a soccer team, warming up before their game each week. 

The girls discuss everything from genocide and drugs to boys and literature among themselves. At first, the girls seem indistinguishable, as each one is referred to only by her number and all wear identical jerseys with each bearing her unique number, but they quickly become identifiable and different.

In the course of six short weeks, the girls deal with love, loss and identity in ways that real teenagers do.

The play, which depicts a portrait of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, was a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Samaneh Nurollahi, Niusha Naderi, Tina Pirveisian, Pegah Ebrahimi, Kimia Shahrieh and Golara Moqaddasi are the members of the all-female cast for the play that will remain on stage until September 22. 

The Wolves will be staged in English on Sundays and Mondays and the rest of the days it will be on stage in Persian. 

Source: Tehran Times