Director Mehdi Rezai has renamed the play The Castle to perform it in Iran. 

The play is about four prisoners who are locked up in the same cell. Green-Eyes has killed a woman and is to be guillotined. Maurice and Lefranc are sentenced for more minor crimes. 

Maurice has a deep attachment to Green-Eyes, as does Lefranc, but secretly. He also hates Maurice, while feigning to hate Green-Eyes, preferring him to Snowball, who is also condemned to death and along with Green-Eyes, they are considered the Kings of the prison.

Deathwatch was adapted for the screen in 1965 by American director Victor Morrow, but it wasn’t given a general release in the U.S. and never released in the UK due to its homosexual content. 

Ahmad Shah-Qasemi, Emad Zarei, Amir-Hossein Daneshju and Rayan Habibian are the main members of the cast for the play.No one 16 and under will be admitted to the play that will remain on stage until July 24.

Source: Tehran Times