The exhibit named Thirty Years will display a selection of photos, posters and paintings, the Visual Arts Office announced in a press release on Saturday.

A collection of photos taken by Mahmud Abdolhossein covering the ceremonies organized last year to commemorate Imam Khomeini will be on view at the exhibition.

The exhibit will also put on display a collection of posters selected by Ali Vazirian from the works previously showcased during the 15th Asma-ul-Husna Annual Poster Exhibition at the Iranian Artists Forum. 

Asma-ul-Husna displays typographical works featuring the names of Allah.

Paintings by veteran artists, including Iraj Eskandari, Habibollah Sadeqi, Ahmad Khalilifard, Kazem Chalipa and Faramarz Pilaram, will also be showcased at the two-day exhibit.

Source: Tehran Times