Majid Sarsangi is the translator and Shahr Publications is the publisher of the book co-written by David M. Conte and Stephen Langley.

The Persian version was unveiled during a ceremony at the University of Tehran on Sunday, the Persian service of ILNA reported.

The ceremony was attended by a number of theater, art and cinema scholars including film critic Akbar Alami.

Alami called the book a comprehensive one on theater and said, “It is a reference book for the PH.D. students at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran.”

He also said that Sarsangi has represented a good and precise translation of the book.

“Academic theater has been found in the country by the great efforts of the masters and this type of theater is mostly being respected by the students,” he added.

Sarsangi, who is also the deputy director of the University of Tehran for cultural affairs, said, “There are some objections that part of the facts in the book do not match our theater of today, while I believe our theater is not supposed to remain forever like what is today, and we need to think of the future of theater and its economy.”

He also noted that the book not only deals with the management in theater but the management of other types of art like music.

The book bears a comprehensive view of theater and performing arts management based on the premise that all the performing arts share the same core issues.

Source: Tehran Times