The story of the play “The Qajar Theater” is set in the last few months of Nasser ad-Din Shah’s life when Anis ud-Doleh, the shah’s favorite in harem, and Etemad us-Saltaneh, a leading politician of the royal court, plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nasser ad-Din Shah’s coronation by launching a theater in the harem, at which to stage plays such as Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”.

“The story is a fusion of real and fantasy events,” Ra’yat told the Persian service of MNA on Tuesday.

“This play actually reviews Nasser ad-Din Shah’s character and the contradictions in his personality,” he added.  

Parizad Seif, Behruz Purborji and Pejman Alipur are members of the cast for “The Qajar Theater”.

This is first time Ra’yat is staging a play after 13 years. He directed “A Night with Agha Mohammad Khan”, a tragicomedy about the founder of the Qajar dynasty, in Tehran in 2005.    

Source:Tehran Times