“Macbeth Zar” will be staged by director Ebrahim Poshtkuhi at GITIS - the Russian Institute of Theater Arts on March 27, which is World Theatre Day, the troupes announced in a press release on Monday.

The troupes have been invited by the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

A cast composed of Mohammad Saibani, Davud Eslami, Behruz Abbasi, Hossein Asili, Behnam Paneyzeh, Elham Eskandari, Sara Shokuhi, and Behran Abbaspur will perform the play

Zar is a legacy from slavery as it was performed by African slaves who were brought to southern Iran. They performed it on weekends in order to gain energy to enable them to bear the burden of bondage for the rest of the week. Over time, ordinary people also joined in their musical rite comprising ecstatic dance with dammam playing. 

Today, Zar is mostly performed by workers in a group named ahl-e hava, which is conducted by a leader called a babazari.

In the play, Macbeth commits a crime to join an ahl-e hava to become a babazari.

Earlier in July 2011, Teetovak performed the play under the title of “Hey Macbeth, Only the First Dog Knows Why It Is Barking” at the Festival d’Avignon in southeastern France.

Source:Tehran Times