The officials, astonished by Persian carpets, were in Tehran to take part in the 18th General Assembly of OANA, held from October 23 to 26, IRNA wrote.

The OANA participants attended the two-hour tour to better familiarize themselves with the history, variety, process and materials of Persian handwoven carpets.

They were first entertained by a sample of Pazyryk carpet, dating back to 2,500 years ago.

The original Pazyryk, the oldest Persian carpet which is named after the location of its discovery, is now kept in Hermitage Museum of Russia.

 Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali rug and the tangerine tribal Persian rug were other masterpieces which caught the attention of OANA directors.

Experts believe the carpet was made during the late Qajar Era, but cannot pinpoint exactly when it was made. The carpet depicts the Iranian hero in military uniform, armed with a rifle and pistol.

Carpets of the main hall of the museum also attracted the foreigners’ attention, demanding taking photos with the invaluable artworks.

At present, 43 news agencies from 35 states are members of the OANA, with Iran being the only country to have three member news agencies in the organization.


Source: Iran Daily