In this article, we take a look at the activities that took place last week in different art fields such as  theater, architecture, cinema, culture and literature, visual arts, fashion, and music.


-Iranian feature film “Silenced Tree” directed by Faysal Soysal received the Best Film award at the 14th Hamilton New York International Film Festival.

-Iranian drama “Winners” has garnered the audience award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland.

-Iran’s short animation ‘Where the Winds Die,’ directed by Pejman Alipour won the Best Short Animation Award at the 9th edition of the Fantastic Film Festival – Galacticat, in Spain. 

-The commemoration ceremony of Manouchehr Esmaili, the man of the thousand voices dubbed, was held today, Saturday, the fifth of Shahrivar, in the Bilal Mosque, with the presence of a group of Cima directors, his family, friends and colleagues, and art-loving people.



-The specialized exhibition of bags, shoes, machinery and related industries was held from the 2nd to the 5th of September, hosted by the permanent venue of Hamedan International Exhibitions.

-The call for the national conference "Language of decoration in fashion and clothing design" hosted by Iranology Foundation was published.


Visual Arts

-Mahin Afshanpur, a prized Iranian miniaturist who was honored as a living human treasure, died as a result of complications related to old age at her home in Tehran on Monday. She was 81.

- Sets of installation art by Nahid Behbudian are on view in an exhibition at Mohsen Gallery. The exhibit runs until September 9.

-Iranian artist Mani Mehrzad has won the Chairman’s Award of the Art Revolution Taipei.

-Artworks in various media by Parviz Vakili, Ardeshir Borujeni, Jamshid Moradian, Ali Golbaz, Mohsen Kiani and several other artists are currently on view in an exhibition at Shokuh Gallery.  The exhibit will continue until August 29.

-Last week, Tehran galleries hosted 30 new exhibitions in various fields of visual arts.



-Kazem Nazari, Director of Performing Arts, at the suggestion of Koresh Zarei, appointed Fajr Theater Festival Secretary Hojatullah Nazeri to the position of head of the secretariat and executive director of the 41st edition of this event.

-The twelfth edition of the book "Acting Techniques in Theater and Cinema" authored by Nooruddin Astwar was published by Soroush Publishing House.

-More than 130 plays from 30 different countries have announced their readiness to participate in the 19th Tehran-Mubarak International Puppet Show Festival.

-The show "Meeting the Infernal Man" directed by Amir Amiri will be staged in Niavaran Cultural Center from the 3rd of Shahrivar.



-Vocalist Homayun Shajarian along with Siavosh Ensemble will be in Canada during September to delight the fans of Persian music with performances of their memorable songs.

-The Ashura music-play "Alemdar" narrated by Parviz Perstoi will be performed in Vahdat Hall after two years with a new re-creation.


Culture and Literature

-A conference titled "The Hakim of Millenniums" about Ibn Sina (Avicenna) was scheduled  held in Hamedan on the birthday anniversary of the great thinker of the Islamic world on August 23.

-In a ceremony on August 21, Morteza Sarhangi's "Summer of 1990" was unveiled.

-“Student Movements of the 1960s” by Alexander Cruden has been published in Persian in Tehran.Qoqnus is the publisher of the book, which originally came out in 2012. It has been rendered into Persian Fatemeh Shadab. 

- Reciting his poems “Arghavan” and “Sepideh”, Iranians bade farewell to their beloved poet Amir-Hushang Ebtehaj in front of Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Friday.

-An art exhibition and workshop opened on August 27 to mark Government Week in Iran, which started on August 24, at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

-The body of Amir Hoshang Ebtahaj was welcomed by Mahmoud Shalawi on behalf of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and a group of culture and art people at Imam Khomeini Airport (RA) and entered Iran and Tehran.

مراسم تشیع پیکر هوشنگ ابتهاج از مقابل تالار وحدت


-The scientific quarterly "Architecture and Urban Development Letter" number 34, especially for the spring of 1401, was published.

-The call for papers to the 5th international conference and the 6th national conference on civil engineering, architecture, art and urban design was published.

- Children's Utopia meeting hold on the second of Shahrivar with the theme "Child, city and historical identity".

- No. 134 of the two-monthly Memar magazine for August and September 1401 was published.


By Dorsa Bakhshandegi